Jackfruit Coffee Shop

If you like great fresh coffee and cakes, the Sunrise Plants Jackfruit Coffee Shop is the right place for you

Our coffee shop serves an ever-changing variety of cakes and pastries. We only use loose leaf tea and grind our own beans to ensure you get the best drink possible and our waste levels are kept to a minimum. As we love all things plant based, our coffee shop is entirely plant based too – makes sense for a garden centre!

A proper cup of fresh coffee made just the way you like it to relax or share with friends

If you like great coffee and cakes, this is the place for you! Not much beats a proper cup of coffee, made just how you prefer, and a good slice of cake, sat on a comfy sofa, whiling away an hour with friends. We aim for zero waste in our coffee shop – using loose leaf tea, fresh coffee beans, milk in jugs and sugar lumps. We are entirely plant based and are blessed to work with both local bakers and artisan producers around the UK bringing us great cakes and pastries. The fresh baked blueberry croissant and hot coffee are a must!

New for 2021

New for 2021 will be our GARDEN BELLE TENT situated in our garden, complete with wood burning stove and cozy sofas. The BELLE is available for private hire as well as general use.

Also new for 2021 is The WoodShack, a purpose built space to provide extra seating for the coffee shop and also where we sell a huge selection of houseplants.

Come and Visit Us

Freshly Made Coffee

Freshly Made Coffee

The Jackfruit COFFEE SHOP serves quality freshly made coffee by our own baristas, along with a selection of great pastries, sweet treats and hot food.

Our ethos is all about sustainability of the environment and this is evident throughout the coffee shop. From take a way fresh coffee available all day in your travel mug, to delicious, healthy food from on our on site greengrocers, and all at great value.

Plant Centric Coffee Shop Retford

Plant Centric Coffee Shop

We LOVE plants, so what better way to extend that love, than via our brand new Coffee Shop. The Jackfruit Coffee Shop is a quaint and quirky PLANT CENTRIC coffee shop based at the very heart of The Sunrise Plant Company, here in Saundby.

You can be sure only the freshest of ingredients will be used. We’ll get you going with juices and smoothies and blended drinks too and have the most delicious homemade cakes and things.

Jackfruit Coffee Shop in Retford - Simple Food Done Well

Simple Food Done Well

With the availability of the seasonal produce available in our Greengrocers, you can find homemade soups such as Sweet Chilli and Love Apple or Leek and Potato. We often have a daily ‘one pot dish’ such as sweet potato curry or three bean chilli, hot tasty and nutritious!

We are proud to be 100% plant based. This way, you get some or all of your 5 a day, no harm is caused to any animal and the planet will thank us all!