Specimen Plants

Create attractive Garden Features and Ornamental Displays

Create attractive Garden Features and Ornamental Displays with Specimen Plants

Specimen Plants add a unique feature

We stock a wide range of specimen plants, which have proven very popular in the search to find unique items to adorn your garden. From a large supply of palms, to twisted and pom-pom conifer, as well as brilliant quality buxus and bay trees, you are sure to find your statement garden piece at Sunrise Plants.

Often specimen plants will be in the form of a tree, but it could also be a shrub, perennial, or other plant if it is sufficiently large, especially showy, cuts a bold figure, or strikes the eye as being quite unusual.

Specimen plants can be used anywhere from a small courtyard with relatively limited space to a large country estate.

Specimen Plant Garden Features

For people designing a garden from scratch, choosing specimen plants can be very exciting. Many nurseries carry mature plants for people who want a well-established garden from the very start. If you would like to know more or have a question just let us know

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Specimen Plants are plants which are grown as exhibition pieces in the garden. They are typically isolated from other plants so that they stand out, rather than being situated in a mass of plantings.

Specimen plants are one of the key aesthetic elements of the garden, and in some cases they can be decades or even hundreds of years old. In antique gardens, the specimen plants may include rare and unusual species, such as heritage roses and unique tree cultivars.

A specimen plant can be isolated in an open area and surrounded by grass, low ground cover, moss, gravel, wood chips, sand, or other materials, depending on the aesthetic in the garden. Lower plantings may be situated nearby to set the plant off without crowding it, and a large garden can have several specimen plants which create focal points and areas of interest in the garden to keep visitors occupied and interested.

Why not visit and view our range of specimen plants available

An example of a specimen plant is a flowering tree that has a prominent spot reserved for it on a lawn. What type of tree should you use? Well, that is a highly personal choice. For example, if you have a favorite color, you might make your selection from a number of candidates whose flowers sport that particular color. But it could be any visual attribute that you, yourself attach value to.

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