The Garden’s Greengrocers

Delicious Fresh Fruit and Vegetables from around the World available at Sunrise Plants

The Garden's Greengrocers Retford, Nottinghamshire
We bring Great Value, Great Produce from around the World AND No Platics

It’s a long story, but fruit and vegetables have a lot to answer for! We so often take our diet for granted but there is nothing more delicious to the eye or the belly than a bowl of fruit, a delicious salad or a nice selection of vegetables.

Eat More, Live Better & Live More

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are Good For You – Who Knew?
Let’s Face it – we all did – Fresh FRESH fruit and veg, are literally good for your heart and soul (and bowel come to that).

The Garden's Greengrocers
The Garden's Greengrocers
The Garden's Greengrocers

Fruit and Vegetable Donations

We have set up a PAY IT FORWARD system where by our GREENGROCERY customers can PAY FORWARD a kilo of carrots for example, or 4 apples etc (you see this quite a bit in coffee shops) or however much or little you want of any type of fruit and or vegetables. We will then collate all your donations of PAID FORWARD FRUIT & VEG and then add to it with our own donations.

We will take this to the distribution centres every week as one collective donation. In a world of excess and indulgence a social conscience is no bad thing and we hope you’ll join with us in supporting the great work carried out by the volunteers and staff at Bassetlaw Food Bank.

This is nothing to do with politics, or peoples lifestyles, or choices. It’s to do with hunger and malnutrition. Right here in our area. It’s to do with the invisible homeless as well as the visible homeless.

Bassetlaw Food Bank

Pay it Forward Initiative

While our sustainability ethos is evident across our brand, we also believe in supporting the community around us with our Pay It Forward Initiative:

With the Pay it Forward Initiative we began donating to the Bassetlaw Food Bank privately each week, but after speaking with Paula and Mark who work at the Food Bank, we’ve decided it’s nothing to keep quiet about, but in fact, there’s a need to let our customers be involved. We had no idea how a food bank operates and for whom.

We had a stereotype in mind but was very very wrong
Two shocking facts stand out –

1. That anyone in need of the Foodbank can only be helped 3 times in 6 months and even then it’s only when all other ‘safety nets’ have failed;

2. School holidays are the worse times as some parents rely on schools to give breakfast and lunch to their children 5 days a week.

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