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Bord Na Mona Multi Purpose Compost for Sale in Retford from Sunrise Plants at 3 for £12

Multi Purpose Compost

Sunrise Plants stock the Bord Na Mona multipurpose compost of the highest quality. Priced at an incredible 3 for £12 and perfect for pots and or hanging baskets.

Bord Na Mona Organic Garden Compost for Sale at 4 for £10 in Retford

Organic Garden Compost

Sunrise Plants stock the Bord Na Mona Organic Garden Compost / Soil of the highest quality. Priced at an incredible 4 for £10 and is ideally suited for use in flower beds and borders.

We also stock grow-bags, as well as bark chips as an ideal finishing touch!

Bord Na Mona & Vital Earth

Bord Na Mona’s horticulture business was awarded the industry recognised, independently certified, RHP Horticulture quality mark. RHP Horticulture guarantees the quality of a product from extraction right through to the buyer. You can be sure that our compost is of the highest quality, and from the best sources

Bord Na Mona Compost products awarded the top accolade of a Which? Best Buy Award

Three of their horticulture products were also awarded the top accolade of a ‘Which? Best Buy Award

Garden Manure and Chippings available from Sunrise Plants in Gainsborough / Retford

The benefits of quality

Improves the quality of almost any soil, and for this reason it is most often considered a soil conditioner. Improves the structure and texture of the soil enabling it to better retain nutrients, moisture, and air for the betterment of plants.

Incorporating into soil dramatically improves soil structure. Soil structure refers to how inorganic particles (sand, silt, clay) combine with decayed organic particles. Soil with good structure has a crumbly texture, drains well, retains some moisture, and is easy to turn over. “Crumbly” is a rather vague descriptor referring to how it is held together. A soil amended with compost shows that it is made up of many round, irregular aggregates. Aggregates are groups of particles loosely bound together by secretions of worms and compost bacteria giving it this crumbly appearance. If you lightly crush one of these aggregates, it breaks down into smaller aggregates. Crumbly soil allows air to penetrate and holds moisture well but allows excess water to drain away. Tender young roots also have an easier time penetrating into the soil.

A well-structured soil with lots of small aggregates stays loose and is easy to cultivate, improving all soil types, especially sandy and heavy clay soils.

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